Best Window Blinds For Kids Rooms

Purchasing blinds for your kid’s playroom or bedroom can be more difficult than you initially considered. There are so many blinds options available, which is the best for your little one.

You need blinds that are safe for children, block out light for sleeping, strong, and can be customised to make the room feel more child-friendly.

Here Are Some Things To Consider:

Do the blinds sufficiently block out light?

For a kids room, you want to have blackout blinds. Blackout blinds are blinds that stop light from entering the room when completely rolled down. You don’t want to have a room too bright so that it’s disrupting your child’s sleep.

Are the blinds child safe?

The biggest safety concern for blinds is the cord. The cord can become a strangling hazard to young children. You have the option of using a cord and securing it or going cordless.

Even if the cord is out of reach for the child they can still climb up on furniture and get entangled in the cord.

It’s best to secure all cords and not to place furniture or cots near the cord.

For more information, you can read this article.

Can they be customised for different colours and patterns?

For blinds in the rest of your home you normally want to go with a style that compliments your interior design choice.

For children’s room, you can get away with applying something a little more fun for the kid.

Consider patterns and colours that the child might like in their room.

Will they break from things being thrown or rough hands?

Let’s face it, kids don’t know how to be gentle and often break things. Blinds are no exception. If you buy into cheaper blinds the kids might be a bit too rough and end up breaking them easily.


So which blinds are good for kids rooms?


Below are your top 3 blinds options:

Roller Blinds

roller blinds Melbourne

Roller blinds are a great window covering for kids playrooms and kids bedrooms. They can be cordless and block out, plus high-quality roller blinds are durable and easy to clean.

You can get roller blinds made in many different patterns and fabrics to match the kid’s room. If you need a quote on how much this will cost give me a call on 0408 622 737.


Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Melbourne

Roman blinds are another great choice for kids rooms. They add an elegant soft touch and any pattern can be added to match the fun feel of the kid’s room.

Make sure to request Roman blinds that will block out all light from entering the room.


Honeycomb Blinds

honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are great insulators and work well in kids rooms due to the cordless options available and their durability.

Although the fabric and design aren’t as customisable compared to Roman blinds and roller blinds they are still a great solution for kids rooms.


Note: blinds that are operated by rods often have kids hanging on them causing the rod to break off (and the kid to tumble to the ground).



If you take your pick from one of the above options while taking into consideration the lighting requirement, safety, design, and durability you’ll be on the right track to buying the right indoor blinds for your child’s playroom or bedroom.

For a professional consultation on your Melbourne home, you can fill out the form on my contact page or give me a call on 0408 622 737.