The optimum guide to choosing the right Blinds, Shutters and Awnings!

Home is where our heart is. At the end of the long, tiring day, what we look forward to is going and relaxing in our cozy and elegant house and in this modern era, latest interior trends and designs are playing a vital role in converting a house into a home. For instance, a simple change in the window furnishings can revive the aura of your entire dwelling. The best way to achieve it is by replacing your old and traditional curtains with modern and elegant blinds, shutters and awnings.

Whether you’re renovating your existing den or moving into a brand new place, there are some points to be kept in mind while choosing the right blinds, shutters and awnings for your ambience.

  1. Ambience, Style & Decor

Make sure the blinds, shutters or awnings you select, complements the style and décor of your place to give it a rich and cozy look.

  1. Location & Surroundings

The location of your property plays a vital role in choosing the right blinds, shutters and awnings. If you stay in the countryside, use neutral colours or else use bright colour blinds for your city house. You might need to consider shutters for protection against sun, wind and storms or for city houses you can choose from the wide variety of interior shutters that protects and controls the circulation of air and light in the house.

  1. Purpose

Before finalising any blinds, shutters or awnings, consider the purpose you’re installing it for. While they provide privacy and protection, they can also control the heat, light and air entering in your accommodation and thus minimise the energy bills. Consider the purpose; it will help you select the best one.

  1. Climate

Climate is the one important factor that you need to consider before choosing that perfect awning for your place. For extreme climatic conditions, there are awning models that are designed with insulation and climate control features.

  1. Safety

No matter what, your safety is always the prime concern.  Go for a taut and well-protected blind. Retractable awnings are also high in demand.

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Mistakes to avoid:

  1. Cheap stuff.

When choosing blinds, shutters or awnings always go for quality products. You might feel like you are spending more, but quality will last for six to eight years, while cheap, low-quality coverings would deteriorate within a year or two.

  1. Matching everything.

Every window in the house doesn’t need to be furnished the same. Go with the décor of every room and choose the colour and fabric of the windows accordingly.

  1. Style over function

Make sure that the style doesn’t hinder the functionality of the window. For instance, outdoor blinds, shutters or awnings should be made from tough and all-weather fabric.

  1. Choosing the wrong blind or shutters

While choosing blinds or shutters, keep in mind that vertical blinds are good for large & wide windows while horizontal slats are ideal for smaller and narrower windows.

  1. Wrong Measurements and Ill-fitting

Don’t make a mistake of assuming that all windows are of the same size. Correct measurements of windows are necessary for well-fitted blinds or shutters. Take help of experts to get it installed properly and giving your home a perfectly stylish look.

Choosing the right window accessory is not a daunting task; seek an expert advice for easy, affordable and best solutions. With more than 10 years of experience, Miles Ahead offers a wide range of blinds, shutters and awnings for their property in Melbourne. They also give a choice to choose from different fabric, patterns and colours to give you the perfect options complementing your place!

If you are looking for high-quality blinds, shutters and awnings, feel free to reach Miles Ahead at 0408 622 737.

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