Top Energy Efficient Indoor Window Blinds


Energy efficient window dressings can lower your power bill by keeping the cool outdoors in the Summer and heat indoors in the Winter.

In fact, in a home without window coverings, up to 40% of heating and cooling can be lost through your windows.

While there is no official energy rating standard for window blinds in Victoria, this post will educate you on the window dressings that can save you money on your heating and cooling in the long run.


Roller Blinds

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I recommend double roller blinds (also called dual roller blinds or day-night roller blinds) for the best thermal option in roller blinds.

Double roller blinds include two different blinds on a single bracket. With two layers of fabric, double roller blinds create air pockets that help control the temperature in your home when fully rolled down.

Place the inner roller blind as close to the window as possible for the best results.

Honeycomb Blinds

honeycomb blinds


Honeycomb blinds (also called cellular shades) are designed to trap air in individual cells within the blinds. This creates a barrier between the temperature inside and the temperature outside.

These cells inside the blinds make them super-insulating and one of the most energy efficient blinds on the market.

They come in many different colours and can be cordless for kid safety.

You can get honeycomb shades with a single layer of combs, 2 layers of combs or 3 layers of combs (for more extreme climates). The more layers the higher the insulation but also the greater the cost.

Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters are normally installed outdoors but are great for insulating your home.

Because they are fitted outside they stop the heat or cold before it gets inside your home. You should go with solid exterior roller shutters for the best barrier against the heat or cold.

Exterior roller shutters are a more expensive option for keep your windows insulated but they also add other benefits such as the ability to be motorised and added security.


pelmet over curtains


Pelmets are good for preventing heat loss above the window. As long as the pelmet creates an air barrier it can be made of any material and will serve its purpose.

You can purchase temporary pelmets or permanent ones, either way, make sure they are fitted flush against the wall to stop air from leaking out the top.

Insulated Thermal Curtains



If you prefer curtains over blinds, complete block out curtains that are weaved or are made of heavy fabric like wool with a thermal lining are the best curtain energy saving solution.

Plantation Shutters

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Lastly is plantation shutters. While they aren’t the best insulating window treatment solution on the market, they do deserve a mention because they provide the option of letting in a small amount of light while also keeping a level of added insulation.

Wood plantation shutters are slightly better insulators than the cheaper PVC plantation shutters.



Now you know the best indoor window blinds to keep your home insulated all year round.

If you still want more then you can combine two of the options above for that extra layer of protection.

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