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Exterior blinds and shutters have become an essential item for any type of building, no matter if it is a commercial or a residential space. Here at Miles Ahead Blinds and Awnings we take pride in offering deluxe solutions at the most competitive prices you will find in Australia. We take pride in offering the best products for outdoor projects so you can consistently optimise your premises and bring a touch of fresh air not only in terms of aesthetic value but also a highly functional solution to protect your inside premises from sun rays, noise and temperature changes.

What sets the difference from Miles Ahead Blinds and Awnings and other blinds suppliers? That when we decide to supply exterior blinds and shutters we take our time to understand your project well and define the most efficient solution to adapt to your building. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company that not only sources top-quality exterior blinds and shutters but also a complete catalogue of indoor products you can choose from. You can have peace of mind knowing Miles Ahead Blinds and Awnings is not new to this industry, we have over 10 years of experience in both, modern-style building as well as traditional settings for both commercial and domestic areas.

We have a specialised sales team who is ready to offer free quotes with no obligations at all. From quote to installation, our friendly approach toward our clients’ consultations so you can contact us and Dean will guide you in every step of the way. When installing your exterior blinds and shutters, you will be sure that the project will be overseen by an experienced professional and the whole process will ensure the results are up to your expectations.

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