Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds – Make The Right Choice

If you’re after new blinds in your home but can’t decide if you should go with roman blinds or roller blinds this is the perfect post for you.

I’ve listed seven key points for deciding on the right blinds for your home. I’ll cover Roman blinds and roller blinds in all seven points while listing the advantages and disadvantages of each.


A big part of choosing the right blinds for each room is taking into account the amount of lighting control you need.

For example, in a bedroom, its best to have complete blackout blinds to stop outside light coming in when you’re trying to sleep.

Both can be purchased as complete blackout solution and rolled up or down to changed the levels of lighting in your room.

But sometimes you don’t want the all the harsh direct light passing through or want privacy and lighting. This is where Roman blinds and roller blinds differ.

You can get Roman blinds that are complete blackout when roller down or Roman blinds that allow a small amount of light through when rolled down. But you can’t get Roman Blinds that do both.

Roller blinds can do both. For roller blinds, you have the option of installing day night roller blinds.

indoor double blinds

This offers the solution of blackout blinds at night and transparent blinds for privacy and blocking direct sunlight during the day.

Also, one thing to note is that when folded up Roman blinds cover window space at the top of window never allowing full light to enter the room.


Which are more expensive, Roman Blinds or roller blinds?

Roller blinds are typically on the cheaper end compared to Roman blinds. This being said, both have varying degrees of prices depending on the style, quality, fabric etc.. you choose.

At the end of the day, I recommend you always go for a higher quality blind to ensure they last longer than a year or two.

Window Type

Roller blinds and Roman blinds both fit on larger windows & small/ narrow windows. But it is less common to see Roman blinds fitted to larger window openings because fewer rooms and styles can pull it off.

Roman blinds are more commonly fitted in dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms/lounge rooms because of the soft look the fabric creates.


Both come in a wide range of patterns, colours, and materials.

Today roller blinds are more commonly used for a simple or modern taste in the home.

Roman blinds give a more elegant soft traditional feel and should be paired with a style that can compliment.

There is no definitive winner on which is best for style. It all comes down to the unique interior style of your home.


When it comes to window insulation your best option is day night roller blinds. They create a pocket of air between the blinds which acts as an insulator for your home.

Roman blinds do offer a small level of insulation and can be interlined for even more insulation but it is still slightly less insulated compared to day/night blinds.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Roman blinds can be vacuumed or for a more thorough cleaning they can be taken down and washed.

Washing Roman blinds takes a little more effort compared to vacuuming them as you need to pull the blinds apart until nothing but the fabric is left.

Roller blinds can be easier to clean… depending on the fabric.

When choosing your blinds and fabric make sure you know what it takes to clean them (sometimes a professional is needed).


For privacy, you want blinds that can completely block out any peeking eyes.

Both Roman blinds and roller blinds offer complete privacy.

If you’re after privacy while still allowing light to enter your home then double roller blinds are your solution.


In Melbourne, Roman Blinds and roller blinds are both very popular window shade solutions.

But they aren’t equally popular.

Roller blinds are the more popular option over Roman Blinds.

This is due to the fact that Roman Blinds have fewer room types and styles that they can work with.


There is no winner when it comes to Roman blinds Vs roller blinds. It comes down to your individual needs. If you’re in the market for new blinds and stuck with whats best for your home reach out to me on 0408 622 737. I’ll come to your home (Melbourne and surrounding suburbs only) and give you a free consultation and quote.